A big thank you to our suppliers

At The Willow Tree we have always been committed to sourcing top quality produce as locally as possible and we are lucky to be in an area with an abundance of excellent suppliers and producers.

Over the last eight years, we have built up good relationships with several local farmers from whom we buy much of our produce directly.

Our fantastic Venison is supplied by Peter and Cathy Hurman who passionately rear red deer out at Washers Farm, Fitzhead in the beautiful Quantock Hills. Peter’s is truly the best venison we have ever tried.

For our excellent fish, we use Wing of St Mawes who buy from the day boats at Newlyn Market in Cornwall. Wing are headed by Rob Wing, with his 25 years of experience as fisherman and wholesaler. Rob leads his team in supplying us on a daily basis, enabling us to order in small quantities and thereby maintain peak freshness and quality.

Much of our produce, ranging from fantastic, home reared pork and beef, to their own orchard-grown apples, comes from the award winning Rumwell Farm Shop. As well as being producers themselves, The Rumwell serves as a hub for many local producers and farmers under one roof and we feel privileged to have this facility on our doorstep. The Rumwell Orchard’s Cox’s apples make the best Tarte Tatin ever, and their Russet Apple juice is sublime!

Our free-range ducks and chickens come from Creedy Carver in Crediton.

All of the hen’s eggs we use are free-range and come from Westcroft Farm in Burnham-on-Sea.

The West Country has an array of excellent cheese producers, Sharphams in Totnes and Manor farm in North Cadbury, who make the world renowned Montgomery’s unpasteurised Cheddar to name just two. We are supplied these superb, locally produced cheeses by Longman who are also based in North Cadbury.

We also owe thanks to Richard and Carrie Ames who grow the amazing cardoon (a forgotten and sadly neglected, delicious vegetable from the artichoke family) as well as and globe and Jerusalem artichokes on their small holding ‘Noble Globe’ out at West Hatch.

Finally, we are very proud of the fact that many of the vegetables we use are homegrown – we have had great success with our broad beans, courgettes and various lettuces – our tomatoes however, seem to always fail miserably and require a lot more practice!